Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The 1st Pursuit/23 Composite Group/Air Corps Proving Ground Group

Among the items in my dads footlocker were patches of the units he was in during the war.  One would think it would be a simple matter to match the patch to the unit or the unit to the patch.  My fathers unit was the 1st Pursuit Squadron/Air Corps Proving Ground Group which was a component of the 23 Composite Group stationed at Orlando Air Field then at Eglin Air Field both of which  are in Florida.  A check of the official sources for Air Corps unit heraldry does not show a unit symbol, motto or patch for the unit.  However his unit must have had a unit insignia and motto to differentiate it from other units and for the sake of unit pride.  Dad had a unit patch minus the motto and a unit pin that had a motto.  Without the motto I found it impossible to find a match.  With the motto on the pin the puzzle pieces fell together.

The motto from the pin was "Proof by Trial".  The symbol was a gold eagle or griffin holding a torch on a black shield.  The patch that accompanies the pin has no motto at all but is impressive.  Here they are: