Saturday, July 9, 2011

A Visit to Patuxent (WWII)

During WWII my dad had the opportunity to attend a conference about fighter aircraft that was held at the Patuxent Naval Station near Washington, D.C.  The conference was composed of military personnel who were either pilots, engineers, and even men who maintained the aircraft, like my dad.  The conference held sessions on types of aircraft and the pilots and maintenance crewmen could inspect and even fly differing types of aircraft they had not had a chance to fly before.  It was a way to familiarize all concerned  with the aircraft that the Allies flew among all the branches of the service and to make connections among the community that flew and maintained them.  

My dad brought back a couple of items from the conference.  A conference newspaper dated October 21, 1944 (multiple copies) and the other a flight line id badge.  The badge had been in my possession for years but I never knew the significance of it.  It only became apparent when the newsletters surfaced in his footlocker.  Thus two separate pieces of evidence united after years of separation to provide the full story.

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