Thursday, July 14, 2011

CMTC - Civilian Military Training Camp, 1930's

One of the things that Dad was involved with in the 1930's was the CMTC camp.  This was the Civilian Military Training Camp.  It was like a summer camp or introduction camp to the military.  It had been developed earlier to introduce civilians to military life and give military training that might be useful if there needed to be a mobilization of military age men into the  military. When he attended in 1938 he went to Fort Oglethorpe in Georgia near the famous Chickamauga Battlefield in North Georgia.  He must have liked it as he joined the Air Corps in 1939 shortly afterward.  Here are couple of awards he got at the camp for showing proficiency in shooting skills.  One was gunner and the other was sharpshooter.  He was alway proficient with firearms and was a crack shot.  Here are the awards he won.

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